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Strata Marketing work closely with leading telemarketing company, Maverick, to deliver high quality output to your specification.  These seven services enable you to maximise regular contact with your customers and prospects, provide the legwork required to identify your key contacts and highlight sales opportunities and projects, leaving your sales people free to focus on their core skill – selling.


Appointment Making – getting your sales team in front of the client.

People buy from people. We understand that our client’s sales people need to meet qualified decision-makers. We work to identify the key senior decision makers, open the doors and deliver highly qualified sales meetings with them. We quality check all appointments, update sales executives’ diaries and confirm appointments immediately by telephone and/or email, dependent on the client’s preference. Any changes in appointments are handled efficiently and effectively. As all work is carried out in the client's name, prospects receive a seamless service for all calls, mailings and follow-ups.


Lead Generation – qualified end-user opportunities with decision-makers.

Keeping a sales pipeline going can be a difficult and time-consuming task. That’s why so many organisations turn to us to create short, medium and long-term prospects. Once we know exactly who our clients are looking to target, what they want to promote and when they need those leads, we set about putting in place an effective lead generation campaign to deliver high quality results.


IT Channel Partner Recruitment – increase market reach and generate leads and appointments with new business partners.

For many clients, business partners and channel development is critical to their success. Our knowledge of their sector and the time we invest in understanding their needs means we are able to target the right vendors, distributors and/or resellers, helping to establish excellent networks of opportunity.

Tele Research

Data Cleansing - Maximising return on your existing data.

Most datasets erode at a rate of 20% per annum with internally-held data full of duplicate records, “gone-aways” or inaccurate company and contact information.  However the historical customer information is so valuable that a thorough professional data cleanse is a better choice for your business that data brokerage.  

Tele Research

Data Building – building the foundations of your business database.

When you neither have the data internally nor can source a suitable dataset in the commercial market we can build a dataset for you from scratch.

Tele Research

Key Account Profiling – understanding your key targets.

We understand target account selling programs and the need to maximise returns from your more prominent clients and prospects.  We provide in-depth profiling on the customer, including contact information and project related opportunities.

Tele Research

Customer / Partner Satisfaction Surveys – what do your customers really think?

Cyclical, objective review of the thoughts of your end-user clients or business partners ensures reflective practice and provides insight that allows you to differentiate your company from the competition. We can support this on-going program through the design of satisfaction surveys delivery through multiple mediums and comprehensive analysis and reporting.  

Telemarketing and Tele Research brought to you by Strata Marketing in partnership with Maverick Telemarketing.

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