Database Services

The key to good customer communication is an accurate and populated database.  What use is great copy and design if it never reaches your target audience?

The database needs to work hard for your business, providing the basis with which new business is developed, existing business is satisfied and customer opportunities optimised.  A good database should run the sales, marketing, management and support functions of the business, automating the process and reducing the man time required to produce marketing, forecasting, budgeting and sales management reports. 

Database management is as important to your business as the data contained within.

In order to direct the right message at the right people at the right time, basic information about each individual within the organisation is required. If your database is poorly populated and you are struggling to see the value of it, it can be tempting to draw a line under it and just buy in new data.  Stop!  Data is expensive, so before you dig deep for new information, let us take a look. 

Our experts can assess the quality and suitability of your data and recommend practical, tangible actions to progress the database to its optimal state. Data Cleansing may be an option or perhaps, data amend and append.  Each option works out considerably more cost effective than buying in new data. Our Data Management Service also includes the creation of a data entry handbook for your staff.  Database content is only as good as what is put in so it is important to ensure that information added is consistant, useful, relevant and structured.   This approach ensures that the requirement for future data cleansing is reduced.

Strata Marketings’s range of Database Services has been designed with flexibility in mind.  If you are starting from scratch, we will help you obtain data, create, manage and maximise your chosen CRM system and ensure it integrates with all your other marketing media.

Contact us now to learn more about our Database Management Solutions.

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