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"If you're trying to persuade people to do something or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language, the language in which they think."- David Ogilvy

Sometimes we can all be too close to the business to write good, effective copy to describe what we do.  We can over complicate the most basic information by trying too hard or becoming too technical and forget that straightforward language, written in short sentences can deliver our message more effectively. Copywriting is a skill that needs to be learned, so contact us today – we provide copy writing services for companies throughout the UK and Europe.

Strata Marketing has many years experience in writing copy for commercial applications.  From sales support material, to press releases, corporate brochures and websites, our copywriting skills are second-to-none.

We have provided copy writing services for companies that provide a huge range of services and products from IT, garden furniture and racing teams to plumbing, flooring and exotic holidays.

Our copy writing services also include writing copy for articles to boost your search engine performance, copy writing for industry specific press, writing copy for direct marketing communications, letters, templates and advertising material.

We also provide copywriting services to companies looking to improve their search engine presence.  Copy writing for websites, the way the words are presented and the density of the keywords within the key page text is a vital starting point for effective search engine optimisation.  Learn more here.

Overcomplicated text, spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, poor punctuation or poor presentation can make the difference between engaging with the customer or them turning to your competition. 

Don’t allow that to happen.  Contact Strata Marketing today to learn more about our copywriting services.
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