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Channel Marketing Solutions

The channel is a challenging place with a wide variety of business styles and approaches. You have the ideal products and services but how do you talk to the end users with the channel's full support? 

In our experience, delivering messages that satisfy both the requirements of the reseller/distributor and your desire to maximise the product messaging for minimum expenditure, can often be challenging. Often campaigns are just not flexible enough to satisfy both ends of the scale and leave one or the other dissatisfied.

Promote your products and services through channel marketing by creating the ideal marketing strategy that will underpin partnerships, maximise sales opportunities and increase your exposure to the end user.

Strata Marketing's Channel Marketing Solutions provides you with the strategy, planning and tactical delivery of IT Channel Marketing programmes that will delight the customer whilst reducing the manpower required to deliver the campaign.  We will work with you to develop your channel business, liaising with the reseller and distributor to streamline activities through parallel planning, execution and delivery.

  • Plan your marketing activity to maximise channel activities
    Identify key triggers
  • Understand channel messaging, methods and timing
    Underpin your marketing strategy by parallel planning
  • Optimise resources
    Redirect your resources to where they are need most whilst we take care of the nitty gritty
  • Understand what your channel wants from their marketing
    Find out what they really want, rather than what you think they want or what you may be providing
  • Off the shelf marketing campaigns
    The pros and cons of boxed marketing

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